i’m such a noob-boob

once again once again, i’m confounded and exasperated with my attempts at making a large comfy sweater.

i just finished the body section of topsecret and realized, horrors, that it’s too freaking small. i was on gauge, i swear i was, when i first started but this friggin’ yarn is not fun to knit with and i guess my poor hand cramping up for days should have tipped me to re-check my gauge. but i didn’t. so this sweater, that is supposed to be easy for an advanced beginner is stumping me. and i hate that.

how does it fit? well, i slid on the body section and it’s… body-hugging. if i pull at it a bit, it stretches out to what it should be, but… i don’t know about acrylic – does it bounce back? i have no idea and i’m sooo frustrated right now. i’m doing the medium size and so the bottom is supposed to be 42” and right where it will meet the arms it’s supposed to be 38” wide. well, what i’m getting is about 38” at the bottom and 34” at the top. way off.

what should i do? i know if it’s at all body-hugging-ish i’m not going to wear it since the whole idea was to have a big sweater. but the idea of frogging that yarn… :shudder:. and then, if i do frog it, should i switch to larger needles or should i just knit a larger size?

this weekend did not go as nicely as i hoped it would. and this, right now, feels like the straw that’s breaking this camel’s back. argh… one thing i can hope is that sooner or later i will learn to respect that crazy thing called “swatching” and understand it’s an ongoing thing until the sweater, or whatever, is complete. aghhhhh.

screw it! i’m off to rent a movie and not deal with this right now.

update: did a ton of laundry, painted my nails, dyed my hair, and watched silly old movies. yeah, i feel a bit better now. g’night.

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