this post is filled with too many i’s

for a while now, i’ve been slacking dreadfully with school and though i’m pretty sure i can pass all right, i don’t want to – the whole point of this is to learn. so, i might have to ease off with the knitting and the website for a while. or at least limit it a bit.

ah, we’ll see. i always get nervous monday nights because tuesday is my school day, from 9 am till 5 pm, and i always feel like i’m super-unprepared. but then, by 3 o’clock tuesday afternoon, i’m just bursting with pride, feeling all accomplished school-wise, so :shrug: maybe i’m just a drama queen. (nahhh!)

just to remind myself that i like, and want, to do other craftsy stuff, i recently signed up for gifty, a gift exchange similar to secret pal but not just for knitters. also, as far as i understand it, it’s a one-time thing, not three months long. there isn’t a date yet but i’m looking forward to it—maybe i’ll cardweave something..

i couldn’t resist buying some stuff online tonight—or at least i hope i bought some. girl from auntie, she of the rightfully-famous rogue pattern, is de-stashing first-come-first-serve. i sent off an email for the gorgeous lush and wool belle vallee. so cheap! there’s some gorgous lopi wool to knit up a banff—but i know that blue would feel too peppy for me.

tonight i re-swatched for topsecret and size 11s worked perfectly; also knit up a 4×4” square on 10 1/2s to see what effect, if any, blocking would have. stay tuned….

also, i started some socks. these would be my first ever – not the prettiest colors but i’m sure i’ll be as proud as a brand new mama when they’re done (geez, i’m always jumping the gun!) and yes, i swatched – i’ll be watching that tricky gauge of mine verrrry closely.

lastly, two non-knitting-related items:

this article is so smart – while re-reading it, i always just shake my head at the common sense widsom in it: In Search of an Emotionally Healthy Library

and, this book, considered by many to be the best intro book on information architecture, is now available online in its complete format, yay: Infomation Architecture for the World Wide Web

happy tuesday ~ hope everyone has a gorgeously happy day.

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