thank you secret pal!

a package from japan – what a great way to end my doggone draining day! (gotta love alliteration..)

how did my pal know i love socks, how, i ask you?! i knitted cuffs yesterday on my first pair of socks and i’m loving them already. besides that, for two years running now, at the top of my christmas list (yes, we still make those in my family even though we’re all grown up :) ) has been socks – long skinny ones, snug anklets, whatever!

two disclaimers: those two skinny pink things you see on the floor in some of the pics are little pieces of yarn from a really old rug-hooking project that somehow my cats managed to find and scatter all over my floor. sheesh! … second, my pinky toe is weird. it ‘hides’ under the other toes and so that’s why my feet might look slightly, ummm, .. weird. (it runs in the family, though, so at least we’re all weird together.)

as a point of pride, you will notice my second toe is slightly longer than my third – and this means, i was told at a tender impressionable age, that i am smarter than my mother. ahem.

p.s. although the package came from japan, i have heard about past pals getting friends to send packages from other places just to throw their pal-ees (there really should be a word to distinguish the receiver of the gifts and the sender of them!) off track. hmm, are you that sneaky, oh pal o’ mine?

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