the other day, i briefly posted about being infuriated about something. that something was the story on this ‘reporter’ who had had two years worth of daily press passes to the white house and who was known for throwing major lobs question-wise to bush’s people, particularly right after some ‘embarassing’ questioning by other journalists.

the thing that raised people’s suspicions was that this guy wasn’t a reporter for anything actually in print, but rather a website that was funded, it came out, by gop folks. furthermore, he was operating under a pseudonym (and white house security was ok with that? hm).

well, it looks like that cover has been blown.

(and i agree with michaelmoore.com, “Don’t let anyone throw you any softballs… the Jeff Gannon scandal is about more than some gay websites.”)

p.s. in completely other news, this article, esepcially the first sentence, is making my mouse-clicking finger twitch — must resist knitpicks, must resist.

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