foodie friday

first: it’s a rainy day in l.a. which makes me just want to stay in my warm snuggly bed, surf the internet (kowabunga, dude! it cracks me up how many of the terms associated with the internet sound so silly — like “information super-highway”, ha! remember that?), read a book, watch t.v., knit and knit, nap and nap, well, you get the idea. but nope, i have a half-day at work and so, am looking forward, as ever, to the weekend.

and now, on to the food. as you can see, there was some good eating last night. i’ve been eyeing thimble‘s delicious-looking vegetable enchiladas with chipotle sauce recipe for weeks now. so, finally i made it last night and it was incredible. because i’m such a chicken when it comes to spicy stuff (my mom is so embarassed of me – i’m such a gringa), i made two versions – one, the smaller batch, with the chipotle (for my dinner companion, a spice-fiend), and a second one (larger, ah-ha, cook’s advantage!) without the chipotle for me. delish delish.

also, a while back i bought some greek yogurt at the local trader joe’s (poor you’s who don’t have trader joe’s :shakes head sadly:), and i’ve been loving it. it’s like regular yogurt only less sour, more creamy-tasting and thicker. add a little honey in there and it’s heavenly.

lastly, ah, i love food blogs! here’s my favs: hungry tiger, a spoonful of sugar, and of course, foodie-blog-extraordinaire, chocolate & zucchini. also, i just stumbled on post-punk kitchen.. i see good food coming up this weekend, yum.

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