california beauty

hello ~ this weekend was gorgeous here in sunny california and, as a result of a recent decision to go out to nature at least a couple of times a month else i go stir-crazy, today i spent a number of hours driving around curvy canyon roads with a friend of mine. pictures were taken and a fun time was had by all—thanks to all the recent rain, it positively glowed out there, with all the green so rich and deep in color and intensity, it was just beautiful.. as you can see in the pic here, when we stumbled on ‘black walnut park’, and here, too, where i set up a little gallery of a bunch of our lovely photos. as a result of today’s meanderings, black walnut trees are now vying with birch for the number one tree spot in my heart.

also this weekend some knitting did get done, though none of the topsecret-variety. nope, it was sock time and although a careful eye could definitely spot a number of errors in this first sock of mine—including a decrease where no decrease has a right to be, too tight a gauge (by just a bit! believe me, i’m watching that like a hawk), wobbly heel flap edges, and obvious ‘valleys’ where one needle met the other—i still love it and can’t wait to see what’ll be like at the end. i know, the yarn itself is not the handsomest but that’s ok. by the way, i got the pattern from one of sweet georgia’s post about her own lovely first socks. also, the great socks 101 online tutorial helped a lot.

other than that, yes, yes, it’s valentine’s day. for all those who join me in saying phoeey to valentine’s day, here’s a great link:’s anti-valentine’s day cards. this year they set up an online store, so remember, when you care enough to show what you really feel, give this bear to your valentine sweetheart.

ha! i love that bear – i just can’t stop laughing when i look it. i must admit, however, that i love sweet and sassy old fashioned cards like this one and this one. interesting valentine’s day fact: according to the greeting card association, “women purchase approximately 85 percent of all valentines”. hm.

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