techie tuesday

i just read that microsoft plans to unveil internet explorer 7 sometime soon, which comes as a surprise to many as it was stated a while back that the next version would come packaged with the next operating system, right now snazzily called ‘longhorn’. internet explorer 6 was released in 2001, and due to so many bugs and limitations, as well as the explosion of other better browsers (go firefox!), has been losing an unprecedented number of users for months now, which is incredible. and long overdue. as a direct result of this loss, have no doubt, microsoft is bringing out ie7 wayyy earlier than originally planned.

also, rss is changing. bascially there are three different ways of syndicating web content: atom, rss 1.0, and rss 2.0. well, work is underway to get rss 1.0 updated to rss 1.1. what does this matter to you? at best, nothing – it will just affect users of rss 1.0 and, with a five years gap since 1.0 was set up, this update addresses many of the problems with 1.0 which is definitely good news for 1.0 users. at worst, however, this change will just create more confusion about which rss is the ‘right’ one (i.e. trying to figure out which feed is accepted by your aggregator and/or the most aggregators) and slow down the acceptance rate of rss in general, which is a darn shame.

if you’re at all interested in where blogs are going, check out this incredibly detailed and thoughtfully analyzed report on blogs.

and lastly, i’m loving my intro to IT class – today we learned about scripting languages, object-oriented programming and programming languages in general (systems librarianship, here i come! maybe.) and also a new/old way of doing multiplication – very cool! ha, such a nerd.

(i too am starting to run out of creative ways to title my posts—i’m leaning towards making the titles fairly random, with little to no relevance to actual content. it’ll probably be bizarre, but i like surrealism.)

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