and i ran, i ran so far away

oh, i tried, believe me, i tried to have something knitted to show for today but it’s now almost 1 am and i surrender. i’ve had a hunch for a while that i knit weird – i think it might be something like combined knitting but i’m not sure. i knit, and purl, with both hands – in other words, the right side of the project is always facing me – it just feels more comfortable that way.. and so tonight, while trying to finish up my first sock, i realized i’d been doing ssk wrong this whole time: they were coming out exactly like my k2tog.

the problem is that my all my knitting projects didn’t really require much in terms of shaping so i just never realized it (though i had hunches i quickly dismissed).. anyhow, my brain is fried and my hands are dry from all this knitting—and my poor toe was frogged no less than three times. i feel guilty having a secret pal and all and not having any knitting to show for days now. ah, it’s all about the process, i know, i know. i’ll tackle it tomorrow. maybe.

in the meantime, the talented jessica has tagged me for a meme, and boy, when i heard that, i felt a giddy thrill of popularity. ;) sheesh, this along with the all-time-record-high number of comments left on this site recently, is making me very happy. thank you!

and now, on with the meme..

1. How much space is left on your TIVO or Comcast box?

ha, no tivo here. no cable either. and on a good night, i get two channels come in clearly, one of which is not in english. but i do get a number of television shows now and then other ways… coughbit torrentcough.

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of a tv series and if so which one?

nope. but i do have several, ahem, digital versions of some television shows i guiltily enjoy. don’t laugh/groan too loud, i will hear. : gilmore girls and charmed.

3. What was the last tv show you watched before reading this message ?

ay. gilmore girls. the episode where lorelei is behaving idiotically- oh wait, she’s always like that.

4. List five shows you won’t miss:

if they showed again, i ‘d lik to watch all of pbs’s house series, because i really enjoyed their manor house series : there’s frontier house, 1900s house, and colonial house.

other than that.. um, well when i was little i used to beg and practically cry to watch punky brewster and the short-lived but much-loved (in my family, at least) rags to riches. (anybody remember that show? my sisters and me used to re-enact their dance/singing scenes all the time.) i also loved reading rainbow, but it more about the idea of it than the actual show which i found a tad boring. when i was 11 or so i loved to sneak a watching of falcon crest – i felt so grown up watching it.

but in general i don’t watch any show on a regular basis and i try hard to not to get too wrappd up in tv as a rule.. if only knitting didn’t work so charmingly with tv watching, that’d be a lot easier.

5. Three peeps to pass this on to?

hm, this was more fun than i thought memes would be – but if anyone doesn’t want to do it, that’s cool.. but i’ll name amanda, lalitha, and heidi because librarians & archivists who knit rock.

thank goodness tomorrow i don’t have to get up till noon—i’m zonked, and the ‘e’ on this keyboard is sticking, how annoying. g’night.

eeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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