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hi there – my weekend was fantastic but this morning i woke with a nasty stomach-something-or-other so i’m staying home today.. probably has something to do with the 3+ betty crocker blueberry muffins with the crumbly-sugar topping i gobbld up late last night. (i added that plus sign because after that third muffin, it all got a bit hazy for me..)


1) is anyone else very excited about this whole frozen sea discovered on mars?! i mean, it’s like science fiction coming to life, yippee! i’m such a closet-scifi-dork and that dork right now is yipping so happily.

2) i did a bunch of movie watching this weekend: the last waltz (incredible!), ray (sucked big-time), bread & tulips (surprisingly good! and in italian, an added bonus), and spinal tap (overrated and most funny afterwards, while reminiscing on favorite lines). i gotta say, though, that fran drescher is smoking in spinal tap – and this outfit of hers? to die for. i’m loving this sweater so much, i gotta gotta figure out how to make it.

3) i’m almost done with a certain knitted project that will not be named. cross your fingers for me — i can’t say any more because i’m a terrible self-jinxer.

4) i finally got off my butt and submitted two book reviews to you grow girl, an online gardening journal, as well as forum, blog, and more – basically a knitty for the gardening-set (and aren’t we all part of that set? or at least want to be?) yeehaw!

5) i sold about half my cd collection this weekend – the half that is both easily replaceable and has no real big emotional attachments. however, $70 for 45 cds left me feeling somewhat like a chump – i mean, i paid easily $500 (over the course of many years) for all those cds! man, somebody’s making a fortune and it is definitely not me. nor is it the artists, i must say.

6) it’s raining. again. i just heard thunder — thank god i taped up that broken window! and yes, i’m the worst procrastinator in the world — you know, i’ll get that window fixed as soon as the rainy season is over. of course.

7) it seems the latest interweave’s knits isn’t thrilling people to death but am i the only one that loves loves anne modesitt‘s fiited dolman?

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