pleased as punch

ah, what a great day already! no sarcasm, no hidden meaning, nothing, just “ohhh, what a beautiful morrrrrr-ning, ohhh what a beautiful daaaaaayyyy!” kind of thing..

first off, my secret pal triumphed yet again with this perfect gift: she knitted me up this beautiful mug-warmer! (oh what are these things called?! i’m googled-out, folks.) she wrote (in a really cute card, btw) that she wasn’t sure if i’m a coffee-tea-redbull kind of gal, so let me clarify: tea all the way! and by tea i mean gi-normous cups of mint tea. every tuesday, when i have my “all classes, all day” day, i drink so much tea i’m hopping up from my seat every twenty minutes if ya know what i mean. this lovely knitted object d’arte will come in handily, and i’ll feel so shnazzy and special, to boot.

secondly, i’m almost done on a certain creation of mine—but i haven’t decided yet to make it the full turtleneck-length or have a lower more-open neckline.. either way, it’s topsecret. ;)

lastly, oh my apartment is overrun with ants, my hair is going curly-crazy (which i’m loving but also am having some control issues with—i gotta let that hair know i’m in charge here), and i’m behind on some important work-, school-, and other-stuff i gotta do, but hey! it stopped raining! and hey, i’ve got a plan, man!

happy happy day to all of you! and once again, you rock secret pal. (and don’t think i didn’t notice it was sent within the u.s.—though you cleverly hid somehow the state it was sent from.. sneaky and crafty is a dangerous combination.)

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