i called this number for a data date, i don’t know what to do, i need a rendezvous

last night, i finally set up a needle inventory ~ i’m loving it and feel very responsible now. (and yes, i stayed up till almost 4 working on this and cleaning the stove, so really the whole night was a combo of responsibility and procrastination.)

next time i hang out with my sisters, i want to make mozarella using this handy-dandy mozarella kit.

if you’re a firefox user, try this out for silly amusment: type “about:mozilla” into the address bar on your browser (without the quotes) — what you see is called an easter egg. oh, these open source people are so dorky, i love it. (for more info, see here.. )

in general, like clockwork every few months someone relatively well-know-blog-wise asks “where are all the female bloggers/designers/programmers/___ ???” so, here’s two answers to that annoying question: dontyoustop.com & wise-women.org.

deborath merlo makes available for free beautiful clothing designs… right now i’m loving her 1920s inspired top, this reconstructed book, as well as her cozy, reversible wrap.

that’s a wrap — and here’s hoping i have some pics of a finished project tomorrow..

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