rss is broken?

testing testing 1 2 3

if you’re reading this in your aggregator, please tell me! this morning’s post hasn’t turned up in bloglines all day and it’s making me angry and you don’t want to see me when i’m angry (à la hulk)..

i suspect this has to do with my hosting people (it may be me, but ‘deny deny deny’ is my motto) — and i feel like it’s a happy sign in a way, since i signed up for a sweet (albeit expensive for now) deal at a new place just two days ago.

in the meantime though, testing testing 1 2 3…

update: it’s fixed! thanks for the ‘it’s working’ comments — and i realized a post now and then asking about comments, browser behavior, etc is a great way to get your comments-fix for the day — a new low, i acknowledge that. ..anyhow, i didn’t do a thing to the feed itself so i’m not sure what happened nor am i positive it won’t happen again.

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