baby question

feeling rather safe that my sister won’t see this (and if you do, bella, just don’t tell me, ok?) i have a broad knitting question to ask: what should i knit for my three brand-new nieces/nephews?

(my sister daniella and her husband john adopted a baby early november – and on that same day my sister found out she was pregnant with twins. (!))

anyhow, back when i only knew about kiyra, the baby that was
adopted (my sister didn’t tell us about the twins till christmas day when we all promptly freaked out), i started these — some beautiful baby booties from a debbie bliss pattern (go amanda for recognizing what it was!) but i have yet to seam up them up

what to knit for these other two? and should i still plan on these booties for kiyra, or should i make her something else? and i’d really like to knit something for my sister — her birthday’s in june and i’ve always been really really bad at getting her gifts whereas she’s the type that will give other people gifts on her birthday. (crrazy sweet, isn’t she?) i want something pregnant-appropriate but can’t figure out what. i’ve put erika knight’s knitting for two on hold at the library, but it’ll be weeks before i get it.

(btw, this is all in lieu of posting pictures of my topsecret sweater — i have two inches to go on the turtleneck part and i left my 11” circs at home, darn.)

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