topsecret sweater

after all my freaking out, this sweater turned out beautifully and, to my eye at least, perfectly. verdict? i love it! and this sweater has proved me wrong about acrylics—knitting with it was not fun but the feel of it now, all plushy and soft, it’s making me rethink my feelings about acrylics.

as you can see in the second image, the body part is slightly snugger than i think the pattern calls for, but it works well and isn’t the least bit uncomfortable. the sleeves are heavenly—just long enough and such a lovely shape. the collar was my last concern, and i almost changed the neckline, but i’m glad i stuck with the pattern: such a bulky yarn has to be committed to all the way, so bulk up and enjoy the warmth!

and about that warmth, thank goodness i work in an archives—otherwise this sweater would go to waste in sunny los angeles.. but in the archives, it’s always sweater-time.

finished: february 26, 2005
pattern: topsecret from
yarn: 2 enormous skeins of bernat’s illusions
needles: mostly 10 1/2 bamboo circulars; for the collar, size 11

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