knitting dreams

hi there ~ i’m off to pick up my mom at the airport – she’s coming to visit me for a week, so i’ll probably be doing much less knitting than usual, though, knowing my mom, i’ll have lovely additions to my yarn stash before she goes ;)

anyhow, now that i have two wearable sweaters under my belt (yippee!), i thought i’d actually plan out a little bit what i’m interested in knitting next. but first i want to list two places that give me a ton of inspiration knitting-wise—these two designers make me sigh and gasp and hope that one day i’ll be crazy-talented enough to knit even one of their beautiful pieces: delphine wilson & solveig hisdal.

delphine wilson was featured in this past winter’s vogue knitting – but unfortunately she isn’t releasing, as of yet, any patterns. as you can see int he first two pictures above, they’re full of cables and hug the body in beautiful organic lines.

in the 90s, solveig hisdal joined the norwegian deisgn house oleana, which was set up in hope of creating new jobs for the talented textile workers there. since then, oleana has been cranking out beautiful fairy-tale-worthy designs, many of which are feautured in the beautiful poetry in stitches book.. i love me some texture and the colors alone make me want to cry out, they’re so bold!

ah, but my knitting skills are nowhere up to snuff—not that kind of snuff at least. ha. but really, what did i knit quite happily last night? per lolly’s suggestion: washcloths! i finished grandmother’s favorite and can proudly say i love yarn-overs! they’re delicate-looking and so friggin’ easy, yay.

off to pick up my mom, daydreaming in my head what i’d lovelove to knit and what i’d lovelove to knit and can relistically expect to do. ;) happy tuesday everybody!

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