birthday fun

so, to really strrrrreeeetch out my birthday, let me recap what i did this past week: a whole lot of shopping, lots of cheese eating (in pizza form, delicious mole-covered enchiladas, etc etc), family story sharing as well as general/juicy family gossip, me getting lost almost every time we got in the car (so embarassing!), and a total organization overhaul of my apartment.

(my mom has, it turns out, been watching a lot of those ‘design by demand’, ‘room makeover’, etc shows on cable and so was really into buying tons of boxes and containers and shelving for me ;) so sweet but a ton of work. as a result, however, my general ant and other insects-that-will-go-unnamed problems have vanished. also, that musty seemingly-permanent apartment smell has also disappeared. yay for moms!)

i knitted up a scarf for a cousin of mine—since my mom is going straight from l.a. to bolivia (where she’ll be for a month, lucky mami!), she’ll be able to give it directly to my cousin whereas bolivian mail is kinda sketchy—which you see below. it’s the butterfly scarf from the new stitch n’ bitch, with some modifications. for more info & general specs, go to the project page.

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just for fun, i also threw in that last pic of my mom at the surprise office bday party on friday—isn’t she so cute?!

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