butterfly scarf

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this was a pretty easy project – but lots of fun color-wise and also seeing the butterfly ‘come to life’. also, this was the first time i ever crocheted—the edges around the butterfly wings was crocheted.

some modifications were made:

~ the width of the scarf went from 2” to a little over 3” (12 stitches to 17).

~ stripes were added to the scarf which, i thought, made the scarf and butterfly fit together a little bit better style-wise.

~ instead of attaching the butterfly to the scarf, i knitted an i-cord on the back of the butterfly and made a little loop to fit the scarf through—this way if my cousin, the gift recipient—didn’t like the butterfly (gasp!) or wanted to use it somehwere else apart from the sweater (that’s more like it!) then she could.

~ lastly, since i widened the scarf, i doubled the size of the butterfly so it’d fit better. but, with that doubling came a little more floppiness than probably there should’ve been. so, please be kind and don’t tell me the butterfly looks more like a moth, ok?

finished: march 6, 2005
pattern: butterfly scarf from stitch ‘n bitch nation
yarn: 3 hanks of crystal palace chenille (lots of left over yarn though!)
needles: size 5 straights—size 6s, though on gauge, made a too-loose knit that i wasn’t crazy about.

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