project limbo

what to make next?

i’m in the middle of several project so the part of me that is responsible (so small!) says i should finish those: one kitty pi, my tammy sweater for once and for all, a felted pouch-thing, those baby booties, and, gulp, my band-aid-colored-and-feeling socks.

..but i got money from my mom and sister for yarn!! and knitpicks continues to call and calllll to me. and then the knitting garden is having a big old sale on araucania nature cotton plus they sent out a 10% 15%! discount code-thing on top of that (psst. look in comments for code) and oh! that nature cotton looks just as heavenly as the inca cotton i used in my first sweater that i still loved to just sit and pet. i don’t care about pilling, i don’t care about shedding (well, i do. but not too much.), i just want it to be a dream to knit up and a dream to hold, and that nature cotton seems to promise all that and more. ah, and the pink is really beautiful and so spring-happy.

so, trying to resist temptation, i took pics of all my stash and now i’m embarassed at how much my stash overfloweth. yikes. and (you can tell i’m in yarn-agony here, i hope), the local stitch n bitch is having a collective yarn sale this weekend — ahhhh!

on top of all this, though i’m absolutely coveting some yarn, i can’t seem to decide on what to make. i want another big comfy cotton-y sweater (oh, that pink yarn!) and i’d love to make something delicate and lacy. and something else to cozy up with at night, watching tv or doing homework (ha!) — but then once i pick a pattern, i get all flakey and start reconsidering.

ah, i recognize this: the procrastination blues. i have two big papers due this week, on friday, and so what am i doing? i’m busy as a bee… about knitting. school? what school?

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