first day of spring!

hello there ~

first off, thanks very much to all you sweet ladies out there who sent such encouraging words to me while i was freaking out over that quickly-fading bad memory i titled “Voice over IP: A Business Intelligence Report”. (for those of you crrrrazy bored enough, it’s available here as a pdf. ) anyhow, it’s done done done. pheeeewwwww.

this is going to be a big mail week, which has got me all a-jitter.. my secret pal sent me something (can’t wait can’t wait!), that yarn i ordered is on its way along with that gorgeous rowan book, plus the phildar mags, PLUS (so spoiled) i won a book!

it’s incredible – i ‘ve never won anything.. i don’t think so, at least nothing nice enough that was worth remembering. ;) anyhow, it’s a book i was really wanting to get: gayla trail’s you grow girl: the groundbreaking guide to gardening. i was the first to answer a question on her mailing list and in return the book is on its way to me as we speak. very exciting! (she has other contests, so if you want a copy yourself.. who knows? maybe you’ll be lucky too!)

i miss knitting. i feel like it’s been so long since i last knit.. knat, i mean. i have some plans and with spring break coming up – watch out! yay.

lastly, the background on this here old site has changed. as much as i loved, and still love, those beautiful birch trees, it is the first day of spring and i’m ready for something different. so.. rain it is. we had some the past few days and today, when i went out to nature again with a friend, i was reminded how incredible its effect is – everything was just so green and lush with a capital L! i think rain is soothing, restorative, strong, lovely, moody, and, overall, hopeful—and some of these qualities i’m feeling and some i’m wanting.

spring has sprung.

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