i should be stressed but i’m not, hurrah

hello! i’m in a cheery chirpy mood this morning, even though i have a teeny bit of work to do still for school that will officially be late in about an hour. but it’s a beautiful day, i’m going to drive up to palo alto this weekend and hang out with one of my sisters, i got a new (well, new for me) computer at work, the sun is shining beautifully, a lotta rain is on the way (i love rain! especially now that my car window is fixed..), and more.

plus.. what is this? knitting?! yes, yes, starteritis is over! i’m very excited about this beautiful project so far. it’s a pattern i found procrastinating the other night called lelah – it’s so pretty isn’t it? i happened to have two skeins of bernat’s super-soft cotton tots in white lying around and i wondered if it would be enough. happily, it looks like it will be – what you see in the picture is just barely over one skein used and i’m in the homestretch, with just about three or four inches of stockinette to go.

there’s a bit of post-knitting-work to do, including sewing in some elastic for the top, blocking it like crazy, and, i’m thinking, making an elegant little i-cord tie for the middle as well as possibly (i’m getting ambitious here) some attachable ties for added security/support/style when i’m wanting it. we’ll see about those i-cord additions, but i’m feeling so happy with this whole thing, i might just very well do it.

this last pic just makes me happy – my mom got me these really cute ice cube tray, and in some weird spurt of spring-antsy energy, i’ve been smoothe-ing like crazy. a little ice cube heart slowly melting in my smoothie has been making me laugh and smile for days now.

yesterday was ‘world water day’. though that might seem a bit silly to some, it’s not. many people are more and more talking about how water will be, or is, the oil of the 21st century. in bolivia, for example. there’s been so much struggle over attempts at privatizing the water and all over the world, access to drinkable (potable is such a weird word) water is a serious serious issue. (over a billion peple lack access to safe drinking water – what a scary fact. ‘water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink’, right? shudder.) a new documentary i want to see called thirst talks about some of these issues, and so does this one… basically it all comes down to the idea of whether or not water is a human right. damn right it is, i say. (i say it chirply, btw – my mood remains up up up!)

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