sleepy sunday, with updates on monday

three things making me knitting-happy:

~ i just went to my first yarn tasting—and it was as great as you’re thinking it is. i’ll post up detailed pics later, after i play with them for a bit. to sum up: 14 yarns in an hour and a half, ranging from novelty to ribbon to hemp to bamboo to silk/wood blends to mohair. perfect for a newbie like me who tends to not stray from basic wools and cottons. [update: see details below!]

it was held at the great unwind yarns store in burbank, where, in a few weeks, they’re also going to have anne modesitt teach some classes. i’m tempted to take one but for now i bought her book so i can get a feel for her general knitting attitude as well as maybe even figure out for once and for all if i’m a combination knitter or not. not that it matters that much, it’s just be nice to know where i belong. ;)

~ lelah is blocking—mmm, i can’t wait. the pre-blocking try-on was fabulous. and this top is just too perfect for the gorgeous spring weather we’ve been having around here.

(yes, you east coasters, turn green with envy—we’re talking about picture perfect blue skies, tank-top and flip-flop-wearing, and top-down driving. so hah! to your gorgeous snow-pics.)

~ and, with lelah done (and you know i’ll post photos once it’s all dry), i feel very comfortable looking for new stuff. yes, there’s old stuff, but i don’t wanna even think about it. previews for the new interweave knits are up and i’m loving this lace leaf pullover by teva durham. isn’t it gorgeous? besides being in the newest knits, it’ll also be in durham’s new book coming out this spring loop-d-loop.

what else to make, what else? i’m thinking a clapotis (largely for the thrill of dropping stitches), an oversized v-neck raglan with that pink cotton on it’s way to me, i’d love to make a dolman of some type, maybe that modified one from knits last issue, and.. some more shapely and lace-y stuff – i loved watching the ‘fishtail’ pattern emerge while knitting up laleh and fitted handmade garments feel like magic. so fun! i like this knitting stuff.

hope everyone’s weekend went beautifully ~

update: here’s the first batch..

1 Cherio by Skacel, 100% polyamide—very stiff, reminds me of R2’s paper yarn, would be good for bags
2 Jewel FX by Berocco, 94% rayon, 6% metallic—yuck, this is why i don’t like novelty yarns: ugly and scratchy
3 Optimum DK by Southwest Trading Co, 100% optim wool—beautiful, a cashmere substitute
4 Kid Merino by Crystal Palace Yarns, part kid mohair, merino wool, and micro nylon—so tedious! how do people manage to knit entire things out of mohair? drove me crazy, but very pretty afterwards, i must admit
5 Amerino by Laines Du Nord, 58% cotton, 42% acrylic—very bulky, but that was all there was to it
6 Rapture by Reynolds, half silk, half wool—gorgeous! the hit of the party. seriously, we were all oohing and ahing over this yarn, so shimmery and plush and see how pretty it knits up? blocked it would be even better, i’m sure.
7 Macao by KFI, 90% nylon, 10% cotton—a surprise hit. fun to knit, though it caught a bit, but the resulting fabric is very stretchy, surprisingly soft, and the colors are so cheery.
8 Isis by FFF, 78% nylone, 22% cotton—again, a surprise hit. you can’t tell by this pic but i did a 2×2 rib and it just shines withi this yarn, which is also surprisingly soft.

more to come later tonight..

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