this was such a agreat pattern—and i really like the ‘fishtail’ lace stitch, it was easy to get a hang off and this yarn really shows it off well, i think.

i was pretty lucky with this pattern, which called for size 10 1/2 and size 9 needles. i started off with size 9 rather than size 10 1/2 needles and i didn’t realize my mistake till i was getting ready for the stockinette part, where the pattern states ‘now switch to the smaller needles’. since it still looked all right and was fitting around my waist, etc like i wanted it to (with a little extra, but not too big), i just kept going, switching to size 7s.

since the top was already pretty, snug i bound off regularly, rather than going with the one over two method the pattern suggests. also, i used 1/2 an inch elastic for the top, instead of 3/4 inch. and i really like the i-cord tie around the middle – it’s all drapey and as christin wrote in the pattern, it really does flare out the bottom part and keep the top part secure.

i steam blocked when i was done, a little worried about shrinking with 100% cotton, but i saw little to none. there is a bit of shedding, of course, with this yarn, but at this price who can complain?! plus it’s so soft and plush.

finished: march 29, 2005
pattern: lelah by christine of knittersofdoom
yarn: a little under 2 skeins of bernat’s cotton tots
needles: for the body/lace part, size 9 bamboo circulars, and the stockinette part size 7

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