april fool

first off, thanks so much for all the great comments on lelah! you all rock and are so supportive, i really appreciate it. i’m super-proud of the entire lelah project and had a great time with the whole process of knitting it, blocking it, modeling it, etc – it’s exactly the type of knitting project i want to always be doing. ;)

and literally that (and my sweet cats, don’t laugh) has been the only brightness for the last few days. today at least i have a valid public reason for my crappy mood: i have to go to work today, yes a saturday. sucks. other than that, i know i have so many reasons not to be cranky/sad/whatever – things are so great in lots of areas, but some just get me down so much. and besides that i just have this antsy wandering thing in me where i just pace around my apartment picking up one thing after another. what is it with me?! such a mood monster.

yesterday i was supposed to offically become a permanent staff member, complete with benefits, paid sick days, and all that—wohoo! i’ve been temping for them for over two years so i’ve been feeling more and more like the word ‘chump’ was written on my forehead – in other words, it’s about friggin’ time.

anyhow, yesterday, one of the ladies who works there came up to me and said ‘oh, bad news, i don’t know what happened but… the application didn’t go through, you can’t start permenant today..’ and just stood there shaking her head while i gasped like a fish out of water and felt my fury start to rise. a few other staff folk were around and they started making little ‘ohhhh’ comments, and i just kept staring at her saying ‘what? what!?’, daydreaming standing up, yelling i quit and just stomping out of there forever. then, she looks at me, looks at everyone else gathered around, and yells out ‘april fools!’

not funny. not funny at all. i knew i didn’t like that whole april fools thing. ah. glad to know i’m part of the ‘team’ now, it feels so good. (can you tell i’m a tad bitter? ah well.)

p.s. one happy thing for those than can afford it: WEBS is having an incredible incredible yarn sale. check it out.

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