ciao belle!

~ spring break is over for me as of 9 am this morning. a moment of silence, please…….

~ “Director John Hughes has announced that classic ‘80s movie Pretty In Pink is to get a sequel…. The sequel, which is planned for a 2006 release, will show fans what has changed for the characters now that their high school days are over. The movie’s original stars – Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and John Cryer – have all agreed to appear.” though not my favorite movie by all means, i still find this planned sequel very interesting since they’re using the same actors (though i agree with others in asking ‘what about james spader?!’). similarily the before/after sunset movies are interesting, though really ethan hawke looks downright scary in the posters for the newer movie.

~ yagoohoogle lets you search google and yahoo at the same time, showing results from both search enginges side by side so you can compare them [via sites&soundbytes]. i was never a big fan of yahoo (before google, i was a big altavista user) but i love the whole idea of comparing results.

~ wiseneedle turns ten today! wiseneedle is a great resources for all knitters and totally need to be supported and added to more by all, including me. not only does it have a remarkably high number of yarn reviews )so helpful in figuring out substitution yarns specifically) but also the international glossary of knitting terms. this will definitely come in handy with some phildar (i.e. french!) patterns i’ve been contemplating.

~ if you haven’t checked out google’s maps, now might be a fun time. or maybe not so fun, i haven’t decided. the big deal is that their maps can now be viewed as satellite images rather than cartoony street maps – for example, here’s my alma mater. the detail is incredible, though limited to the u.s. for now, i believe. a little creepy,
but if the government has these (and better, i’m sure, and for years now, too), then we might as well make it public for us all to use, right?

~ the pics in this post are just a silly web thing i’ve been seeing on a few blogs. go to and see what your website would look like if.. well, in my case, a dinosaur walks all over my journal and then later my lovely journal gets mistaken for a hot pan. there’s all kind of natural and human-made disasters to choose from – totally silly, but amusing.

~ italy italy! a friend of mine is getting married next thursday, the 14th of april. at the very last minute, i decided i have to be there for the wedding! (i mean, really, who can resist a bride?) very exciting and you can be darn sure i’ll post photos galore. for one, she’s getting married in the cathedral in palermo, a gorgeous example (especially inside, i’ve been told) of sicilian architecture, with its french, spanish, and moorish influences. ay, i can’t wait!

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