such a sleepy thursday, yawwwn. ok, i’m up, i’m up, i swear.

the new spring issue of you grow girl is out with the theme ‘beginner’. appropriately, my two reviews are there, one for mcgee & stuckey’s: the boutiful container and the other on sarah stein’s noah’s garden: restoring the ecology of our own backyards. both are very good, especially stein’s for just pure daydreaming reasons if nothing else.

i’ve been accepted into the r.a.o.k. ring! very exciting —and though i was very relieved to see my knitting stash is not so large as some (phew), it’s still a little too big for my comfort level, so i’ll be de-stashing soon (at least at little bit… obviously, i’m still trying to convince myself.) also, some knitting books i have i’m just not crazy about and i know others would appreciate them more. for the books, however, i was thinking i’d offer them to any of the ladies that read this here journal first, if you want them. trades are happily welcomed – for yarn, mags (old copies of interweave’s knits or, especially!, old rebeccas, rowan, or phildar mags! it’s so exciting to even just think about trades, hee.), or anything otherwise, but if not, and i really like you ;), i’ll just send a book trade-free.

up for grabs:

  • ~ [erika knight’s simple knits with a twist][4]
  • ~ debbie bliss’ simple living
  • ~ [ann budd’s the knitter’s handy book of sweater patterns][6]

i watched finding neverland last night—everyone i had talked to who had seen it told me they cried watching it, so i resisted. i felt either two things would happen: a) i’d cry, and i don’t like crying when it’s about movies, or b) i wouldn’t and instead would want to roll my eyes in annoyance at the cloying artificialness of the supposed crying scene. no surprise, i’m sure, that option a happened – buckets in fact. embarassing, but there it is.

sometime today or tomorrow i’m officially switching over to my new hosting people (!) so if this site is down, don’t be alarmed ;), it’ll all be up and running by sunday at the latest.

ooh! the new knitty is up! my favorite are the cute beach bags

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