my website and email and life is back up. seriously, deprived since friday—which feels like so long ago—of no email or website was driving me nutso. it was a little scary in fact how much a difference it made to not have these things… ! i’m still having problems with my email—if you want, or just really *need* to reach me ;), leave a comment here and i’ll get back to you using another email account..

—all set and back to normal. if these pages look funny or load weirdly, please tell me!

anyhow, with that done i feel calmer now and off i go to buy a dress for the upcoming wedding—etiquette is a bit of question here. what kind of dresses are appropriate: short? sleeveless? black? white? you get the idea. the only info i have is it’s a wedding in the evening (6 pm) and will be officiated in the cathedral in palermo. so.. off to shop i go.

it’s a happy day today in so many ways – and the future is looking good.

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