hello there—i’m in milano right now waiting for my flight to palermo… i’m typing on this weird keyboard that’s literally jus plastic with little key-squares printed on it, very unsatisying to type on besides being really hard to get legible words out on…. but no complaints here, i’m in friggin’ italy! ;)

it’s so foggy here in milan but in palermo it should be a bit more like california weather, with spring out in full-force… i hope so at least, since i brought bascially only spring clothing.

i’d forgotten how sicily in general, and palermo in paticular, is put down often by many italians, particularly those from the north. when i was passing through customs, the customs guy started laughing about how i was going to sicily and how wouldn’t i rather go to florence or stay in milan. ha, as if. as you all will see—when find a computer that will recognize my camera—sicily is gorgeous and palermo even more so.

ok, time’s up—have a great day everyone!

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