i’m taking a ton of pictures but haven’t figured out how to get them online yet. to sum up: the wedding was yesterday and was perfect. the bride was beautiful, the groom impatient, the church intimate, the priest friendly, and my dress, well, just too cute. ;) i was relieved to discover that not only is white perfectly acceptable at italian weddings, especially if there’s other color mixed in, but that there were a few other women also in largely-white outfits. surprisingly, most of the other women were dressed in black, entirely in black. hm. so now we know, at italian weddings, at least at sicilian weddings, black and white are fine.

my ten year high school reunion is this summer – and i have no plans of going. however, yesterday’s wedding felt like a mini-ten year reunion of sorts, and one, honestly, that had a bit more meaning that i think 90% of my real high school reunion ever would. i saw so many faces i haven’t seen in, well, over ten years, and it was great. it just completely took me back to when i was 17, all fresh and new, and.. i swear, i was sighing all night and smiling to myself and chattering like crazy and going crazy trying to remember how to conjugate verb into the past tense.

i also felt lonely and a little ‘what if’-y all night. and there were a few who i didn’t get along with then and i still don’t (always drama, huh?) but really it was great fun and tonight and tomorrow night should be somewhat similar. tonight we’re getting together about 30 of us to eat a big old dinner and then tomorrow night we’re going out to see a soccer game (but of course!) and then out to dance maybe.

sorry i haven’t been responding to people’s comments—my email is still sketchy and so i haven’t been able to get to it from here, but i don’t like it in general when people don’t respond to comments so i definitely will as soon as i get back. it’s weird to think it’s 8 pm here whereas all you west coasters are just now waking up!

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