you want pictures?

this is just a sampling of 6 of my favorites, with another forty(!) on a separate photos pages for those that wish to live vicarously through me. hee.

i had about another 20 that were taken just in the church, as well as a bunch before the wedding when the bride was getting ready, but they were, ahem, erased accidentally by her brother after he decided he didn’t like a certain picture of himself. i almost throttled him to death but thought the bride might not like that. poor guy, he ran away soon after to escape my wrath.

two things to add: 1) i did not take enough people pictures. i never do, it’s a bad habit, i get all shy. 2) i don’t have a single photo of me in my dress that’s visible from head to toe. very bad of me, i know, i know!

update: it seems like it may indeed be a bay fig, thank you very much paul bunyon (ahem). but what’s an australian tree doing in sicily?! although banyon trees are awesome, i don’t think this tree is one since banyon roots go up up up —wasn’t that the tree the swiss family robinson lived in? anyhow, trees rock. and so do my readers ;)

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