this is not a knitting blog

not that there’s anything wrong with a knitting blog, just that this isn’t one of them. i started this whole thing about two years and a half years ago in an attempt to learn html, calm my parents about what i was doing with my life (which is now funny cause they never ever look at this site, ay), and have a place to store links and such. in the past nine months, i’ve been moving more and more towards primarily knitting content, which is great since i really enoy knitting a lot, more than i thought i ever would, but sometimes i feel like if i don’t post about knitting, i’m letting people down, or something like that. there’s this pressure that builds up around having a blog, or even a web site at all, that is weird and also totally unexpected.

i love knitting.. don’t get me wrong, but i also love books (even more than knitting!), and geeky html and web design stuff, and cooking is great, and some political stuff gets me all pissed off and/or excited, and random postings and link lists are totally fun, and we all know i’m a moody monster so moody posts are just what i need sometimes to get things off my chest and be able to breathe a bit better, etc etc. (!) my recent postings on italy, and the lovely and enthusiastic comments i got about them, made me feel really happy because i didn’t feel like i had let anyone down, or that people were feeling ‘ok, but what about yarn?!?’—which would be understandable since i always talk about yarn lately—but still i’m glad it didn’t happen. ah, so what am i trying to say here? …

though i love love! my secret pal (and i cannot wait to find out who you are!), and the whole secret pal exchange as an idea, i think this is why i haven’t signed up for secret pal 5, though i’ve been awfully tempted, and instead have signed up for a postcard swap and a notions bag swap. i know i tend to burn out, or just get all antsy, and i’m looking for some balance so that this lovely feeling of happiness i feel about knitting doesn’t go away.

this is my space and i need to feel free in it. while some people love, and thrive on, a targeted subject with their blog, i am not one of those. if you knew me in real life, you’d see what a random freak i am at times and how i, instead, thrive on bouncing around trying a little of this, a little of that. so, though i fear it sounds like i’m making big predictions here about some crazy (possibly creative) growth that in reality i have no idea of it actually happening, don’t be surprised, or disappointed i hope!, if i veer off knitting now and then.

ok, i think i said all this like i mean in my head—i’ve been thinking about it for a while. really these are just notes, i’ll try and clarify the thoughts later. lastly, this didn’t come about from anything specifically, just a vague feeling of unease that perhaps i was passing myself off, or this site, as something i’m not. does that make sense?

with all that said, now on to the knitting content :

~ for some reason i had an extra copy of the recent interweave knits sent to me, anyone want it?—it’s on its way to you, lori z.!

~ i bought some elizabeth lavold silky wool yesterday to make knitty’s branching out – only one skein, i couldn’t resist, plus after lelah, i really want to do more lacey stuff. plum is my color of choice, yay

~ i haven’t done any knitting, i repeat no knitting, in two weeks and the withdrawal symptoms are bad. last night, before i went out with my italian friends, i happily sat for two hours winding yarn and organizing needles, somethings i normally would feel all impatient about.

~ remember that teva durham lace leaf pullover i was swooning about weeks ago? well, i’m still determined to make it. however, i was thinking instead of the wool/acrylic/alpaca yarn it calls for, to use rowan’s summer tweed. but, what color, what color? i’m thinking vibrant, something that will make the lace leaf really pop..

~ i’m off the ucla/l.a. time book festival—i have to work six hours today and eight hours tomorrow—it truly bites but at least i’ll get two days off sometime in the next two weeks. that will be lovely indeed. however, you better believe i’m taking some knitting (yay!) as well as some reading material (mark haddon’s the curious incident of the dog in the night-time – which was february’s selection by the knitonereadtoo group, and yes i know i’m very behind and that it is april. but what can you do?)

have a lovely weekend everyone ~ it’s nice to be back!

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