silk galore

hello all ~

april has flown by but i can’t say i’m not looking forward to the end of it .. there’s nothing planned for may and i’m so relieved. i love traveling and seeing friends and family, but i’m at heart a solitude-seeking person, so may oh may, i can’t wait till you come and normal life returns. and normal life is pretty great, i must say, as evidenced by these two pics:

this first photo shows the latest from my secret pal.. three, count ‘em three!, skeins of lovely lovely reynolds’ mandalay in a gee-orgeous color that is so up my alley. did i mention the yarn is 100% silk and has the most beautiful texture, both for the eye and the hand?! thank you so so much secret pal! i see a tank in my future, something lacey and feminine — i love this yarn!

the second is my branching out scarf which i started last night, catching up on some tv shows (they were just what i needed last night, the first night i had the place to myself in over two weeks: gilmore girls, desperate housewives, america’s top model). i love lace, what can i say. and the yarn is truly lovely, a silk/wool blend that just shines. and since the pattern calls for just one skein, who can’t help but love a $7 silky warm lace scarf? not me.

lastly, i’m finally get organazized, as my sisters says, and so for lunch i’m off to the post office, to finally send off that last secret pal package as well as a few other long-promised goodies (i’m looking at you, liz..), as well as pick up a mystery package that’s been waiting patiently for a few days — yay!

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