the credit card is the devil’s helpmate

yes, finally i’ve succumbed to the obligatory ‘i’m spending too much money on yarn’ post—i can’t help it. someone posted on a knitting listserv that this one online store ( was having a crazy 50% sale on wool. i saw wool, didn’t want wool, but what i did see instead was rowan’s summer tweed in two gorgeous colors. for only $4.50 a skein! gasp.

i’m proud to say i waited two full days before breaking down—and i got both colors. now, i think i might be able to make that teva durham pullover i’ve been obsessing about in summer tweed, though it’s not super bulky yarn (maybe i’ll double it up—we’ll see when i get it..) but anyhow, the yarn is gorgeous and i’m obviously on a silk kick.

and ah, the colors! one is the incredible ‘brilliant’ (a bright fushia, as if fuschia needs to be bright) and the other the lighter ‘powder (a baby blue)’. i was so tempted to get the other color too, ‘torrid’ (pumpkin orange) but i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t look good on me. or just look wayy too preppy, which is not me, or at least not me as i picture me.

.. and the prices! for just barely $100 (yes, you read that right, i’m insane, i know – the words ‘barely’ and ’$100’ should not, in fact, do not, go together) i got 20 skeins of rowan’s summer tweed, one recycled sari skein, a free vogue knitting mag, and shipping. now that’s a good deal.

and just to show i’m not bluffing about the whole ‘this isn’t a knitting blog’ etc etc, the next few posts will be about YA books, postcards, and college reminiscing. promise. unless i finish my branching out scarf. or get my final secret pal package (which i’m waiting for with all the patience i can muster)..

last but not least, i’d like to blame the whole ‘flash your stash’ day for this recent purchase. i flashed my stash a week or so earlier, and was embarassed at how much i had, do you remember?, but then i saw so many other people’s stashes and they were, on the most part, wayy and i mean wayyyyy much larger than mine. that got me thinking dangerous thoughts, the conclusion and effect of which you have read here in this post.

one thought just occured to me: maybe the only people who flashed were the one with enormous stashes? if so, that’s some seriously erroneous naming.. ‘flash your stash’ should be ‘flash only if it’s an enormous room-size stash’ or ‘millionaire’s flash their stash’, etc etc.

and with all the complaining, i’m still very satisfied with my purchase. and hey, as my mom says, i’m worth it. right? right. gulp.

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