branching out scarf

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finished: may 1, 2005
pattern: knitty’s branching out by the talented susan
yarn: 1 skein of elizabeth lavold’s silky wool, in plum. i love this yarn.
needles: size 7 metal inoxes.

first off, i realized while knitting this that i don’t like straights very much, espeically long metal ones. argh. too slippery. also, i probably should’ve knitted a larger size but i was too cheap to go out and buy some size 8s..!

other than that, this was a fun relatively-fast knit, and my second try at lace. lace is fun fun fun, though sometimes i felt like i was going cross-eyed, trying to figure out what i’d done wrong.

oh! and one word of warning: DO NOT TRY AND KNIT LACE WHILE DRUNK, or even slightly tipsy. sunday morning i woke up and picked up my knitting, to continue what i thought of as my very produtive saturday ‘knitting and wine’ night and what i saw looked nothing like the pattern—instead of branching out, i had a total nightmare jungle, a branching out stephen-king-style.

i don’t know how my buzzed mind could even think for a moment that what i had knit was ok but i distinctly remember nodding with pride at my scarf before i put it down and went off to a (hazy) sleep. hm.

if you’re working on branching out, or want to see more example of it, check out this knitalong site – and think about joining!

by the way, that’s my sweet mama cat there. it’s funny, at the vets, they kept calling her ‘mama’ as if ‘cat’ were her last name. hee, mrs. cat. ;)

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