monday revelations

hello there! well, as you might have noticed, my secret pal revealed her name to me this weekend and she is none other but the fabulous glamorous sweet-as-can-be (but we already knew that, didn’t we? ;) ) kimberli of! i still have two (ahhhh! TWO!! how exciting!) packages winging their way to me—one from new york, one from hong kong (she’s a busy traveling girl so no wonder i got packages from new york, california, and new york!) you all have seen the great goodies i’ve gotten from my secret pal as well as all the comments, but you haven’t seen the many sweet e-mails and just-at-the-right-moment e-cards that just made my day, so once again: THANK YOU KIMBERLI! as you would say ‘weeeeeeeeeeee!’ ;)

my secret pal was also far away, but this time all the way over the atlantic ocean in belgium: anne-marie of! i just sent off anne-marie’s Last Package on saturday but it was a lot of fun packing up things to send to her, imagining her opening them up, and all that—though the first package, to my frustration, got sent back to me so for the first month all she got was a gift certificate from amazon (a last minute save, phew).

in other news: as you can see, my branching out scarf is complete! i finished it this weekend watching some good movies and some not-so-good movies, including nothing but a man starring the beautiful abbey lincoln (a good movie), clash of the titans (i know it should be a bad movie, but i have childhood emotional ties to it ;) ), and the seven year itch (a bad movie! i was surprised but i thought it was really bad. marilyn monroe was beautiful but not so funny and really i much prefer the misfits).

mama cat gracefully posted for me—and my cat has style! notice the cocked ear! and such aloofness in her gaze—whatta model ;) the other picture is my attempt at close-up knitting pics like sweet georgia and many others do, but it’s not very good. (obviously i have to study up burnt orange’s tips on knitting photography!) and, yes, please don’t notice the cat hairs all over it.

though i found out about it a little late, there is a branching out knit along blog where people have posted their beautiful mohairs, silky wook, and more, finished objects.

and i’ve joined another knitalong, the baby knitalong so i can get my seriously neglected aunty duties on a move. i finally got that erika knight book out of the library and have been studying it for a few days now. thank goodness, i already have a stack of knitted dishclothes in white cotton done all ready.

oh, and lastly, since kimberli was such a great secret pal, i decided to support one of the charities she features on her blog, namely the yarn harlot’s knitters without borders. not only is this something i’ve been meaning to do for months now, but it’s a great way to sign yourself up for some potential yarn goodies later on. ;)

hope your weekend was great ~ mine flew by but was overall very satisfying. have a great monday!

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