Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham

this is one great great book — i liked it so much i bought it full price no questions asked, and for me, the bargain never-buy-unless-on-sale queen, that’s a sure sign of a hit. i’ve posted a gazillion photos here, i know, but you should’ve seen what i started out with!

i’ve loved teva durham‘s designs for a while now — not only from scarf style but interweave’s knits too. a couple of these patterns were familiar — there’s a short-sleeved version of a ballet pullover featured in a recent IK, as well as a ruffles scarf version similar to the one in scarf style. some of these patterns have been up on her site for a while now — but there are about 30 brand spankin’ new patterns in this book. i also am enoying a lot her thoughts about knitting, and playing and experimenting with the medium as a whole, and is worth the price of the book alone.

btw, some of these have already been knitted up, notable the naive knitter’s gorgeous braided scarf. ..yikes i’m late for class, gotta jet..

p.s. just found out that if you code “socks” when ordering from knitpicks, no matter the price you get free shipping. gulp. just passing the info on, really!

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