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my niece kiyra will be baptised later this month and i’d been trying to decide what to make as a gift. i kept waffling and finally yesterday it just clicked and i decided on erika knight’s beautiful lacy bonnet from her ‘knitting for two’ book that i got our from the library (can i mention again how much i love the l.a. library system – you can get anything!)

i couldn’t find cotton wool in any pretty baby colors – only shocking fuschias and moody purples, so instead i went with an off-white baby cashmerino and last night i sat down and knitted the whole thing in one night. (i knew joining the baby kal would help me motivate ;) ) following the suggestions made to sweet georgia when she made her own lacy bonnet, i’m not going with the ribbon suggested in the book but instead knit a delicate icord. also, i still have to finish what you see here—it’s ugly: pick up over 50 stitches at the edge and knit two rows. might not sound ugly to you but i’m really really bad at picking up stitches, ugh!

anyhow, my question to you all is: it only took about 1/2 of the baby cashmerino skein (i love that! the book called for two skeins of wool cotton) so i’m thinking if i have time in the next week before i have to send it off, i should make some booties or socks for my sweet niece. however, therein lies the problem: can anyone suggest a good pattern? a while back, i tried making some debbie bliss booties but there was too much seaming and weaving in ends and it ended up making the booties too stiff. i’ve read good things about the last minute gifts’ booties but i don’t have access to that book except if i buy it, which i don’t want to do. the snb nation booties look ok but i don’t know how well they’d work with cashmerino.

this is my first time knitting with this yarn and it was so heavenly—so soft and luxurious feeling, perfect to lay against a baby’s cheek. definitely not the ideal knit for a new mom who shouldn’t have to handwash anything but i figured it’s for a baptism, so it’s gotta be special.

have a great weekend everyone—and i’m talking to all you non-mdsw folk out there, cause i know the lucky ones will indeed have a great weekend.

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