a few friday thoughts

~ it’s friday the thirteenth! makes me feel all jitterly like anything can happen. makes me feel upbeat, like yelling out ‘huzzah!’

~ i recently not only bought fancy nailpolish but actually painted it on in an effort to grow my nails out which, and i’m blaming knitting not my nasty nail-biting habits!, had grown horribly short, painfully short, especially on my thumbs. did you know you can find metallic nailpolish nowadays? i got silver and an aqua blue – they’re fantastic and i feel like a superstah.

~ confession: i knit while driving. now, not high-speed driving, i promise, the needles and project just stay in my lap and keep me company at those times, but l.a. traffic is all what you’ve heard it to be and at those bumper-to-bumper times, the law be damned. tell me i’m not the only one! ..at least i barely read any more while driving – i used to do that alll the time. (though i saw a guy doing that the other day and it was so darn cute.)

~ i’m having my first meetup with a fellow blogger/knitter, winnie, she of the lovely finished lucky sweater and gorgeous hot lava jacket. i’m a bit nervous, it feels like a blind date in a way!, but as there’ll be yarn and phildar mags and needles flying, i’m sure we’ll have an awesome time.

~ liz tagged me for this fun meme – and the first three ladies to comment who want it, take it away!

The Rules: Pick 5 of the following and then complete the sentences. Then pass this little meme on to 3 more of your blog friends! But no tag backs! And be careful…you could be next!

The Premise (pick any 5):

If I could be…

a scientist, a farmer, a musician, a doctor, a painter, a gardener, a missionary, a chef, an architect, a linguist, a psychologist, a librarian, an athlete, a lawyer, an inn-keeper, a professor, a writer, a llama-rider, a bonnie pirate, an astronaut, a world famous blogger, a justice on any one court in the world, married to any current famous political figure…

The answers ….

1) if i could be a musician… i’d play whenever i was feeling sad, to cheeer me up. i wouldn’t be in a band, though maybe i’d play with friends now and then. mostly it would be a selfish thing only shared to those who inspire me. i’d play acoustic guitar, bass, and banjo – all three i love. oh and maybe drumming, just beause it looks so fun and physically satisfying.

2) if i could be an inn-keeper… it’d be this fabulous cozy inn on the coast of oregon, where the forest meets the cliffs of the pacific. i’d only have it open for business specific weeks of every month, the rest of the time it would be a home just for me, with regular visits from my fabulous family and friends. there’d be fireplaces galore and tons of cross-circulating windows. also, many cats and dogs.

3) if i could be a gardener… i’d have dirt under my nails constantly, i’d have a farmer’s tan (rather than the pasty white i am now), and i’d have thighs of steel from squatting all the time. i’d grow everything edible under the sun, and i’d share my seeds, and i’d cackle with delight at growing closer to becoming the wild woman i always wanted to be.

4) if i could be a writer… i’d write one book that made me rich enough i’d never have to have a 9 to 5 job ever again. i’d feel just fine at have only one best-seller and would take years and years before i finally wrote one or two more that were modest sucesses,but for me, were the satisfying results of a good life.

5) if i could be a bonnie pirate… i’d retire and just roam the seas with my boy, my cats, and a good wireless connection. i’d stay bonnie till the end of my days.

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