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hello internet! i’ve been a busy bee, yes i have thank goodness, and so far have been able to pretty much keep on top of school work and work work and even a little (but really such a small little) bit of house work… just as i’m typing though, i see one of my plants – a hardy succulant jade plant no less! – is visibly dying so all’s not totally well in this here hull household (alliteration! and yes that’s my last name by the way ;) ) plus i’m wearing bottom-of-the-barrel clothing and my cats are playing hide-and-seek in the laundry basket mountain, so ahem, yes there’s still quite a bit to do. however, on to the knitting, right? ;)

as you can see, the lacy bonnet has sprouted i-cords. a somewhat mismatched (that is, non-lacey) pair of mittens are being sent too – my sweet niece kiyra has a bad habit of ripping her hair out (what is that about?) so these fancy mittens will come in handy in the church, i’m thinking – i mean, what would it mean it she was being baptised and she started tearing her hair out! that would have to be a pretty bad omen, huh ..hee.

and what is this? a long-lost package finally arrived (postman = grrrrrr) from my now-not-so-secret pal kimberli! 5 gorgeous balls of pingouin’s asadir – they’re so airy and squishy, i love love them! and of course i immediately cast-on for this great plassard tank ‘ella’. i figure if i’m going to give cables a try, why just stick with one boring cable and instead how about go crrrazy trying to do several at one go? fraidy-cat that i am, i started with the back and finished it last night, simple ribbing. this was the first time i’d tried provisional casting-on, invisible casting-on, or whatever you call it – plassard’s great english translation called it ‘extensible casting -on’. anyhow, the yarn is a dream to knit – and it’s a cotton blend so it’ll be so cool to wear in the l.a. summer heat. i can’t wait – thank you so much kimberli!

also, sometime last week i started knitty’s itsybity mesh bag – i’m up to the sides part and it’s really slow going, especially since i decided to make it a bit wider than called for. but it was fun doing new stitches – herringbone, mesh, and basketweave – as well as doing a crochet cast-on, a good warm up to the invisible cast-on for my tank.

lastly, i met up with winnie last weekend and it went great. two yarn stores were closed (sux!), and though the other one was open, we didn’t get anything – how very unfulfilling. but then we went over to her place and drooled looked over my phildar mags and decided to do our own duo-knitalong! it’s going to be so great – phildar patterns are challenging and so those times when i’m eeking to myself silently, i can now eek away to winnie. i ordered the yarn yesterday from knitpicks (finally!) but with no guilt since the yarn is so darn cheap and since a specific project is in mind. of course, i threw in a denise needle set while i was at it. yay!

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