friday bits

Happy Army-Recruiter-Free Day! see here especially. remember the video game america’s army? sick. and how about not letting the cia conduct marketing campaigns on colleges too, ok? if you know someone of high school and college-age, and don’t we all?, pass on this info – kids are being targeted like we never were, in slick sick ways and straight out lying ways. some kids are fighting back; i particularly like this slogan: “racist, sexist, anti-gay, u.s. military go away.”

in knitting news, i’m kicking cable ass and i’m oh so proud, yay. the cables in the pattern are written wrong, so i’ve had to study the model picture a lot and frog a lot, a major pain, but at least i’m really feeling the whole cable thing – it totally makes sense to me now, fifty rows in. yeehaw! no pics though since my sick cough cough computer is acting up. also, yesterday i caved and bought more yarn. least it was on major sale! i need to update that stash page, or should i call it ‘andrea’s album of shame’.

lastly, i did five loads of laundry last night. oh my, too much clothing! and i’m noticing trends: lots and lots of pinks and reds. when did that start?!

update: agh! i just proudly showed off my cables to a fellow knitter, a very sweet cool woman, and she remarked that it was great but that i needed to twist my stitches the same way consistently, adding, at seeing my face fall, “but no one but a knitter would notice!” ;( she meant well but it still makes me feel all ugh. there are disadvantages to being self- and book-taught.

and another update: so after stewing about it during lunch, trying to convince myself it’s not a big deal, it still looks really nice and crisp and that twisted stitches are rockin’, i came back and talked to my friend and we realized i wasn’t actually twisting and a good blocking would fix any seemingly irregular stitches. yay! my friday can go on in peace and happiness.

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