thank you heidi!

class break, but i had to post these three pictures. the first is my ella tank, done and drying—it’s all rib basically, so i scrunched it up so it wouldn’t lose the rib elasticity, especially as it’s a cotton blend and doesn’t have much elasticity to begin with. better pics coming soon, i hope. also, corrections for the pattern which was totally whack – say crucial mistakes like saying ‘C4L’ (cable four left) when they really meant ‘C4B’ (cable four back). easily fixed once i realized what was going on, but until then, agggh. however, at the end of it all, i think it was a good first cabling project – not too boring and definitely makes you really understand how cabling is done.

the second is of an incredibly thoughtful gift i received this past weekend from heidi ~ oh it so made my day! and whenever i look at it, i just get happy. isn’t it gorgeous?! it came with two matching potholders (but of course! ;) ) and a photocopy of an essay heidi had told me about a while back. she had hinted on her (fabulous) site last week that she was making (creweling/couching) a gift for someone and that if their initials had an ‘r’ in it, then it could be them she was making it for… i playfully commented saying i had an ‘r’ in my name but i doubted it was for me. ;) and then lo and behold! wow, i so love it. heidi is a truely cool craftsy woman ~ and her timing was perfect, making a sad day sweeter and happier than it would’ve been otherwise.

and lastly, my niece received her baptism gift from me – but look at the pic closely and you should start laughing like crazy. i love my sister so much but i had to write her immediately an email full of exclamation points and smileys, explaining that she had put the bonnet on kiyra upside down! too funny. and i love kiyra’s face, like ‘uhhh, i don’t know about this bonnet-thing..’

and in some great library news, i just got word that i will be co-presenting at the california library association’s annual conference this fall! it’s a group session, entitled “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blog” and will feature yours truly as well as Sarah Houghton, of the wonderful Librarian in Black, Susan Rosenblatt, and Susan Fisher. i’m nervous about it – especially since i have experience with blogs, of course, and even blogs and archives (i never posted about that, did i?), but i’ve never worked in a library. no worries, it’ll be great, i’m sure, and i’m very excited to be working on this project with these three ladies. yay.

p.s. i’m thinking about changing the background here but i’m not sure where to go next—so far i’ve thought about caves, the moon, and underwater. any suugestions?

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