ella tank

finished: may 26, 2005
pattern: ella tank (# 32/6) from plassard’s spring 2005 catalog, no. 32
yarn: 3 balls of pingouin’s agadir (wiseneedle entry)
needles: size 7 inox straights
photos by yy

this was my very first attempt at cables and i’m very happy with the results! the very day i recieved the yarn – a long-aniticipated package from my secret pal kimberli, thank you kimberli!! – i immediately broke open all my knitting mags and looked for the perfect pattern. this yarn is so great – perfect for early summer in l.a. : it’s a cotton blend that super-bouncy and cushion-y and once you get then hang of it, it barely snags at all. the yardage is fantastic – i have two balls left over and i want to make something with them, but what i don’t know! – and it’s theoretically machine-washable.

the plassard pattern itself—ahh, a total mess! no too tough to figure out once you’re on the look-out but until then, a little bit of a headache. basically where it says C4L you really want C4F, where it says C4R you want C4B. also, although the center panel pattern repeats three times, it’s a little different each time: the bottom C4F cables repeat four times at the bottom, three times in the middle, and i got it only to repeat twice at the top—if i’d gone for a third repeat like the model had, i would’ve ended up with a turtleneck tank!

seaming was easy as pie, the first time i think i did the mattress stitch totally right, which was exciting ;) though it could have been entirely knitted in the round and saved the mess of seaming.

also this was the first time i did provisional casting on – not that it’s necessary in my opinion—at least with the yarn i used, i don’t think it made the slightest difference visually or in the wearing of it.

i really love the back of the top – ribs are so fun to do and look so dang crisp and professional, i love that. plus ribs make me feel super curvy, which is always nice ;) however, i’m not sure about how it fits me overall – sometimes i love it, other time i think it makes me look like i have no waist! no biggie though, for now it’s done and i’m proud, yay.

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