happy sunday

happy because:

1) tomorrow’s a holiday! no school, no work, no papers, nada. hopefully mama cat will let me sleep in late – this morning i kicked her off my bed a good dozen times because she kept trying to wake me up with little licks on my elbows and shoulders, verrry annoying.

2) my ella tank is done! it took forever to dry after blocking, but it did shrink a little, thank goodness. i was careful to not stretch the ribbing – in fact i just scrunched it all up at the end, worrying about the fit – so there’s still a lot of spring to it, which is great since it’s a cotton blend. for more info, go to the project page.

3) school is about to end – in just two weeks, yeehaw. i’m only taking one summer class and it’s only eight weeks long, so that means a lot of free time – i can’t wait.

4) i’m almost done with orangina! i started it last week with some buttery-soft dale yarn (in turquoise! with just a hint of black trim at the end) and i’m already on the ribbing. i switched to size 2s for this last part, wanting to make sure it’s good and snug – so this could take a while. oh and about procrastination: if i’m churning out projects, the odds are i’m not doing something else i really should be doing. ;)

5) talking about school work, i just finished the perks of being a wallflower and hard love and they were both so very good – i feel all optimistic about people and life and all those other things you feel after reading a good book. i love my YA class – and yup, i still have about half a dozen books i have to read before the quarter ends, with another dozen i’d really like to.

6) the fall preview (!) for interweave’s knits is up! so far i like the flower pillows and the cabled shrug the best – a loose shrug is a great great idea whose time has come, i say.

hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend – let’s hope the sun is out and shining tomorrow, i plan on exploring some parks. yay for holidays!

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