you can take the girl out of the country, but..

hello there ~ it really sucks not to have my digital camera working right now – i finished orangina, but still have to block it, i recieved my backtack supplies, i messed up my itstybitsy bag, and my hair is now very very blonde. all of that you’re just going to have to believe me about for now.

really, it’s not my camera that’s giving me problems, it’s my beloved mac. (gasp!) it’s very sad really. i was told i have to backup all my stuff and do a clean install of the whole operating system. ay. i think it’s due to the incredible amounts of dvd “back ups” i’ve been doing lately as well as my torrent activities – that’s a whole lot of gigs just moving around constantly. ah well, i knew the smarter way was to have an external hard drive for that stuff, but did i listen to myself? no, of course not. (i have these types of arguments in my head all the time, sigh) in the meantime, my computer is slooooww as molassas and doesn’t recognize my camera in the least bit.

so, with no pics to post, i thought i’d finally get around to changing the background image – and i know, i know, i’m obviously all about trees, i can’t help it! i love them, and since moving to l.a. i see them so rarely like in these photos. more often i see them surrounded by pavement and, willfully, pushing it all aside and growing beyond and through the sidewalks. i love that but i love even more real wild trees like these here. this pic reminds me of my grandparent’s farm – in the back, off to one side, where the garden ended, they have trees like these and during easter this is where we’d hunt for eggs and chocolate bunnies. right now, the farm is in the midst of change – my grandmother passed away almost two years ago and this summer, for the first time in over fifty years, the house will be rented out and someone with a different last name than hull will be living there. i’m glad it will be used, it’s always been a working farm, but it’s sad to think of all my grandparent’s things and life and ah, all of that, just not being there, just gone.

ok, enough sadness. the whole point is i changed pics and i’m going to try and change them a little more often, maybe even once a month. the trick is finding clear crisp images like this one that are also enormous, like 1200 pixels wide. oh and they have to be free too. i tried to find more exciting pics, like ones underwater or of the galaxy and even ones with funny animals (but not too cutesy), but it’s amazingly hard. also, for some reason, i found lots and lots of great autumn and winter ones – maybe it’s the drama of the season that attracts photographers? – but summer time is a little harder if you’re looking for beauty and not hokeyness.

also, i changed the past page around a lot – it should be easier to navigate. and i resolved an annoying issue with dratted internet explorer in windows xp and so this page should finally be showing up correctly. but please, really folks, for the love of kittens, go and get firefox already!

p.s. thanks for all your very super nice comments about my tank, yay! however, i’m thinking of giving it to one of my sisters, or a cousin, because as much as i like it, when i wear it, i’m just not feelin’ it, you know? it’s all good though because i know whoever gets it will love it (or else!!)

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