one skein wonder

finished: june 4, 2005
pattern: one skein wonder by stefanie japel
yarn: under half a skein of bernat’s cotton tots, in lilac
needles: size 8s and 5s circs, using my denise needles

this was the first time i knat with my denise needles and i was not disappointed. though i prefer bamboo needles, at least in my mind, my hands were entirely happy with the denises. also, they’re perfect for a project like this, where you switch back and forth between very different sizes – it’s easy as pie with the denise set. ( i feel like a commercial or something, but it’s true!)

i love this shrug – and i plan on making more, for my sisters particularly i’m thinking. picking up stitches isn’t fun, and i think i’ll go up a size next time, for a slightly looser hug instead of this firm (albeit comforting) hug i got going now.

oh, this was a maybe five hour knit, very fast. i didn’t bother to block, and i still won’t, i don’t think – it fits fine and i love the look.

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