a big old favor

update: thank you so much! i got a dozen responses in less than 24 hours – i appreciate it so much. make sure those of you who responded get your addresses to me so i can send off a little thank you this weekend ;) i knew it before but now i know it even better: knitters rock.

hello there ~ first off, the favor request, and then a little catch up..

as it’s my last week of the quarter, i have final papers due and it’s been crazy. for one of my classes (“Archival Access & Description”), we had the option of writing a 20 page ‘literature review’ on archival theory (yikes) or conducting usability tests for some archive’s website and writing up recommendations on how to make it more accessible. of course i jumped at the usability test – i’m hopefully taking an information architecture class this summer (it looks so very excellent, i love that stuff) so this would be a perfect segue.

now here is where you come in. i only need about 5 to 10 people to participate in the test, and it’s online, and should take only five to ten minutes max. here’s the bait: the first ten people who do the test, leave me a comment here telling me you did it and i’ll send you some yarn. yes, i’m bribing you with yarn – will it work? (by the way, if you’re not a knitter, you should start right now! no, i’m kidding, really, just tell me and i’ll send something just as good, promise.) i need to get the paper in by this tuesday so i really need the usability tests to be completed by sunday, that’s four days. are you up for it, folks? i’ll be so grateful, thanks so much.

here’s the link: usability test. (p.s. you don’t have to use your real name, and of course, any info submitted is totally confidential and i’ll not share it with a soul, except for my teacher. there’s nothing super-secret there, but just so ya know.)

now some ketchup.. (groan). after my recent knitting mania, i haven’t done much in the past four days or so, just a lot of reading and sleeping and constant work-to-school-to-work commuting and hecticness. it’s slowing down but this is the final stretch, can’t wait till it’s over. orangina pics have been postponed till next week, which is frustrating but realistic. also, my beloved powerbook was sent off yesterday and already arrived today at apple headquarters – so yup, i’m offline at home. it sucks just like you would imagine and really, it feels surreal. i was reading a great book last night and i kept getting the urge to see what amanda was up to, had winnie posted any more fabulous knits, see lolly’s pretty wedding pics again, has bloglines updated (up to 111 feeds! must. stop.), oh i must respond to meowgirl’s incredibly sweet email, etc etc.. but then i’d remember ‘oh. no internet.’ and i’d feel all woozy and kinda silly.

a friend shamed me for not adding this when i was bemoaning my mac problems last week: i’ve been using my powerbook for over two years and it has been nothing but sweet happiness for almost the entire two years. if not 100% sweet happiness, then 98%. really. and if applecare is as good as i think it is, i’ll go back to years of sweet happiness – and, more importantly, my days of fiddling with pcs is over (except at work, ah well) because macs rule .

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