que viva bolivia!

“In the latest phase of Bolivia’s ‘gas wars’, President Carlos Mesa resigned on June 6 under heavy pressure from social movements to nationalize hydrocarbons. Peasant farmers are taking over oil fields, transportation is paralyzed and the U.S. Embassy has begun evacuating personnel. On June 9, President of the Senate Hormando Vaca Diez declined the Presidency [as did Mario Cossio, leader of the lower house of Congress], making head of the Supreme Court Eduardo Rodriguez the President and automatically triggering new elections.” (from indymedia.org)

“The indigenous majority in South America’s poorest country has been clamoring for more political power and gas and oil nationalization—in direct opposition to a European-descended elite.” (from wired news)

“Bolivia, South America’s poorest country, has long had its wealth plundered by foreigners. First, it was the realization by the Spanish in the sixteenth century that a small hill in the southeast of the country was comprised almost entirely of silver. For two centuries, the wealth extracted from Cerro Rico in Potosí was, according to Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, “the primary nourishment of the capitalist development of Europe.” Next it was saltpeter, desperately needed as fertilizer for exhausted European soil, and plundered by the English. Then during the second world war, Bolivia’s tin was mined and sold at approximately ten times less the market price, leading to massive strikes, and massacres of the workers, who were only demanding to be paid a living wage. Now, the world wants Bolivia’s gas – the second largest reserves in Latin America. But Bolivians are sick of watching the wealth of their nation stolen from underneath their feet.” (from bolivia.indymedia.org)

(… in other news, more pictures coming soon: orangina (such a tease, i know), backtack supplies, pinku hair accessory swap, paris loop (after a year!), and my blonde head. ;) )

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