it’s oh so quiet

hi ~ it’s been a while, how are ya? ;) me, busy as always, but sans computer (sob), i’ve been feeling pretty internet-deprived. as i sit waiting to talk to an apple rep (they have good muzak, though a tad too moody for impatient folks like me), i thought i’d type up a bit saying what’s up..

[i know you’re probably sick of my lists, but for my tidy mind, they’re fun, so nyahhh]

  • ~ my sisters arrived last night and they’re here for a week. they’re 23, twins, runners, loads of fun, and i love them to death.
  • ~ they packed me a lunch this morning, mozarella and tomato sandwich with balsamic vinegar and oil on wheat bread. yum. and amazing, as i haven’t brought a lunch to work in probably over a year.
  • ~ my apartment is sparklingly clean. it’ll last maybe a day more, but that’s enough, a good first impression was made.
  • ~ i’m making an adorable (if i do say so myself) striped baby top – it’s from early arrivals #2, a sirdar pattern book using sirdar’s snuggly 4-ply, an acrylic mix that is surprisingly soft and, more importantly for my poor sis, machine-washable.
  • ~ i finally put the car in the shop (the radiator was leaking so much that i had to refill it with water every few hours or so, bad andrea!) and rented a civic (the most stolen car in the country) from rent-a-wreck(!). i’ve named the car ‘lurch’.
  • ~ i’m feeling very experimental – i want to try all kinds of make-up (never was a big make-up person, mostly just mascara and i’m done) and nail polish and clothing, just be really girly. very easy with my sisters around, they’re so very highly groomed, i feel like a sloth next to them. we’re aveda freaks but i want to try lush cosmetics, it’s supposed to be divine.
  • ~ i just found this: the greater los angeles spinning guild – how cool is that! their web page is impressively designed and has a great list of links. i really want to try spinning, and i have done some drop spindle spinning, but i know i need (local) inspiration to get me going.
  • ~ last week, i knitted up some wristbands (from stitch n bitch) – first time doing intarsia and it was fun.
  • ~ i gave my sisters my cabled tank and a one skein wonder in white – they loved both and i was so proud so proud. i adore making things for those i love, especially when they’re so obviously tickled pink. yay!
  • ~ i ordered my first yarn color card – i think that now makes me a Responsible Knitter. right?

during the next week, my sisters want to: see “wicked” the musical(too expensive! ah well) , a tv show taping of “ellen”, a movie premiere (maybe “war of the worlds”), eat at calif. pizza kitchen, go shopping on melrose, the glendale galleria, and ikea in burbank, try out new food recipes at my place, pig out and watch movies, see where i work, go out dancing, eat at my favorite restaurants, and talk talk talk till we croak. all of which needs to be photo-journalized so we’ll remember it forever and ever amen. let’s see how much we can actually tackle. i will be knitting this week, trying to lure them over to the dark side. [insert evil chuckle and knuckle rubbing in anticipation]

and once again, the tease: pictures soon. [crossing my fingers]

hope you all are good and enjoying your mid-week. happy (belated) solstice!

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