Saffy’s Angel

by Hilary Mckay

i can’t remember now where i found a link for this [ah! i remembered: it was a sonderbook standout for 2003, and i agree with so many of this woman’s reviews] but this was a great book. it wasn’t fantasy.. at least not quite, nor even magical realism… not quite but it still had that feeling of possibility that i love.

saffy’s family is a creative, loving, individualistic jumble, and the best part of the whole book – really, they are the book. and how the author managed to slide in a really sweet love story on the side amazed me.

but even better is the writing – at first, too jangly for me, but quickly i caught up and just loved it. there’s so much spark in this book – and though that might sound just lazy reviewing, i really can’t think of a better word.

here’s a good sentence to prove to you what i mean: “The Banana House has always had a slightly magical feel about it, and this was because it was one of those places that appear to be bigger on the inside than they do on the outside.” love it.

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