tonight’s the night

i’ve been trying to organize this summer now that my sisters left (sigh) – to cap, we had a blast: basically ate like there was no tomorrow and talked our selves out till all we could do was sit with no words left to say, pat our full stomachs, and smile. it was a lot of fun – and i miss them already. lucinda took the pics and swore she’d send them to me asap so as soon as i get them, i’ll post them here, ‘cause i want to brag about my beautiful sisters!

anyhow, back to organizing.. so, yup, tonight i find out if a class i really really want to take is going to happen or not. the problem is only five people signed up – which to me sounds like so not a problem, after all i went to a teeny all-women’s college and majored in an even teenier department – but the teachers want to meet tonight and figure stuff out. i think i’ve mentioned it before, it’s all about information architecture, and we’ll have real-life clients we’d write up recommendations for, meet with the clients, etc etc., aka totally cool! i really want this class to happen.

but in the case it doesn’t, and even if it does, i’ve decided i need to organize my time or it’ll be september before i know it. i have a variety of projects, theoretically carefully chosen to utilize different part of my brain, body, and interests (as always, trying for balance!) so, here’s a partial tentative list:

hmm. maybe a good step would be to have actual goals, such as with spinning, spinning 200 yards of something-or-another. or with pilates, being able to do the 20 min. workout without having my thighs tremble once (that would be a feat indeed).

oh p.s. sorry if any of you saw the previous confusing money whining post or confusing ellipses post – nothing special, just another typical confusing june day ;)

update: the class is on! yippee, it’s going to be great, i know it.

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