yay it’s friday

hi there!

first off, i’m very happy to announce my computer is fixed! after so much hassle, i believe everything is back to normal, but i’m holding off on restoring the backedup data for a few days more at least. in the meantime though, this means wireless once again (blogging from my bed is the best), watching dvds (saw far from heaven last night, dennis quaid rocks), doing pilates (my powerhouse is in much pain), and most importantly, reading and writing in blogland, yay!

i love love etymology, but can’t quite afford a copy of the OED, so i was psyched to hear [via librarian in black] about the online etymology dictionary. it seems they’re taking the definitions from a variety of sources, and they have gaps of course, but i was happy to see their definition of girl: c.1290, gyrle “child” (of either sex), of unknown origin; … Specific meaning of “female child” is 14c.

a bunch of years back, post-college, with a group of friends, we tried to get in the habit of addressing each other as a group as “girls” instead of “guys,” no matter the genders. (at my all women’s college, it was amazing how consistently an entire class of women would be referred to by their male professor as “you guys”.) someone in our group discovered that the root of “girl” meant a child of either sex so we decided to switch it around and try something different. the result? it’s amazing how hard it was to get out of the habit of saying “hey you guys”. really, try it!

even though the cover is pretty darn ugly, i’m considering buying the next harry potter book from a canadian publisher because there, the publisher, rainforest books, is printing it on recycled paper. [via bookslut] greenpeace has a nice graphic of what this switch to recyled paper means in in muggle terms and in hogwart terms. hmm, the more i think about it, i don’t really like the cover art that much on the u.s. books anyhow.

starting sunday, gulp, i’m joining heidi by going refined sugar-free for a week. like heidi, i love me some sweets, and i love carbs. but i need to get healthier and help my body, and i know sugar just isn’t doing that. i’m not too bad as i used to be in eating blatantly sugar-rich food all the time (coughanythinggummigcough), but it turns out there’s sugar everywhere, in places i didn’t even think about, like ketchup!

this is going to disgust some, ok all, of you, but i love love ketchup – and that’s heinz, nothing special or fancy. my favorite use, since i was just a teeny kid, is (brace yourself) – ketchup with rice sprinkled with parmesan cheese. stop ewwwing, it’s delicious. i’m a tad embarassed about my love for that dish, i know liz and other healthy folks out there are probably aghast at my poor diet. ;) really i could live off that stuff for days. so bad. but come on, everyone has guilty unhealthy nasty-sounding food they love, right? and hey to me, ketchup on eggs, ugggghhhh. so there.

lastly, the pics you see are of me and my sisters – i’ll show the rest of them next week (in the first pic, luci and i are being silly in the kitchen, and in the second, claudi is being a first-rate navigator in my rent-a-wreck). also, i seamed up the baby ballering top last night, yay! it’s lovely and so teeny, a lot of fun to fold over and over again. (that’s one of my favorite things about knitting – the satisfaction that comes from folding and admiring your finished knits – they feel like real clothing! how cool is that?!) also, tomorrow is my spinning class, wheeeee, so fun. pics from there for sure too.

have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the beautiful july weather!

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